What impresses me most about Miss Marci is how well she knows my children, even though she is only with them less than an hour a week.  She understands them, adjusts her program accordingly and, because of her natural flexibility, the boys enjoy coming to work with her.  There is hard work going on in her office, but Marci knows how to make the work engaging and fun.  I am so thrilled by how far my big boy’s speech has come in only a few months.  Thank you, Miss Marci!

I am the parent if three children with special needs.  All of them have required speech therapy for different reasons including articulation, apraxia, pragmatic use of language, etc.  Marci has been able to work with each of my children and address their individual  speech needs. She is competent in her field of speech yet also understands and incorporates the behavioral skills my children have needed in order to make progress.   Because of her work with them, I have seen so much growth. Their confidence level and communication skills have soared and their progress is confirmed by continued  comments I receive from others on how much their speech has improved.  I feel grateful to have Marci working with my children and I would highly recommend her to any family who had children needing speech therapy services.