Marci Chaves

My thought for the day

As I make my move to a larger space, I sometimes wonder if moving and change is as scary to my patients as it is to me. I have known that I would be moving to a larger space on March 1st 2013. I am scared, however my patients sometimes do not know what they


We are expanding and hiring therapists. We are in need of Speech-Language Pathologist. Please call if interested 561-790-1864

Picky eaters or Food Aversions

I have been coming across many difficulties with food and children for over 20 years, however most recently I have found food difficulties with young children on the rise. How can you figure out if your child has a food aversion, physical difficulty, or they are just picky. Here are some quick tips to help

Binky’s, Bottles, Blankies, Oh My

As I walk around my neighborhood, minding my own business, yeah right, I notice many, many things, and some are downright scary. Many of you may think I am talking about teenagers, or crime, lol, but no I am talking about something much more serious, and ominous. The dreaded three B’s —– . What are