About Marcimouth Speech and Language

My name is Marci Edelman Chaves, I am the owner of Marcimouth Speech & Language Services, INC.  My Bachelor of Science degree was received from Queens College , In Queens NY.  I received my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York in 1992. I am a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Born and raised in NYC, I started as a Speech-Language Pathologist over 35 years ago.  This business is located in Wellington FL, and has been incorporated since February 2008.  As a speech-Language Pathologist, I worked in a variety of settings from public schools-Nursing homes.  In NYC, I helped to start the Early Intervention program this continued when I moved to Rochester NY.

These experiences are with patients from birth-Adulthood.  I never tire of this profession. It is filled with new challenges and opportunities to learn new things and I cannot imagine a profession that would be more rewarding.  Marcimouth Speech and Language services sees clients for evaluations and direct therapy, provides parent training, and consultations to public and private schools. Workshops have already begun for teachers, and parents.  This clinic involves families, and parents in every session so that therapy becomes an ongoing part of the daily routine, not just the time spent in the therapy room.

At Marcimouth Speech & Language Services, therapy also includes working with patients who have a wide range of speech and language disorders, using Applied Behavior Analysis, and augmentative communication. The areas of Autism, feeding and swallowing, and sensory integration are also utilized.  Younger children are often treated through play therapy, making their therapy experience one they look forward to week after week. Therapy sessions are individualized based on each client’s specific needs.  My approach to therapy with school age children is very strategy based.  I teach children to take responsibility for their own communication and teach them the strategies as well as the skills they need to become active listeners and effective speakers in their home, school, and community.

New projects have begun which include Pragmatic social groups, which aide children and adult in socializing appropriately with peers.

With Adults I aide them in producing their own therapy plans so that they may become the therapists and control the progress they can achieve in speech and language therapy.  Technology enables my patients to find their voices via recorders, IPAD applications, and computers.

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